Headmaster’s message

    Our kindergarten, sponsored by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, has had the privilege to contribute to the nursery education in Hong Kong since 1947. With the help of generations of love-filled and selfless teaching staff, we are able to create a joyous learning environment with all sorts of activities. But our goal remains the same: to build an environment of “love” for children to grow happily.

It is a blessing beyond measure to be among these innocent and beautiful children every day, for which I am always grateful. We hope that our children can hold on to their purity, joy, curiosity, bravery and perseverance when facing challenges every day. May the motto of our school, “Loyal and Loving”, be the motto of each of our children.

    We firmly believe that children grow best in an environment of encouragement, support and acceptance, so that they can demonstrate kindness, respect, appreciation, team spirit, peace and gratitude when interacting with others. 


Headmaster, Sr Magdalene Lam